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Why Study a Second Language

Language Study Builds Scholarship Skills

Studying another language ….

  • reinforces and enhances interdisciplinary studies (including history, geography, world affairs and fine arts)
  • improves English language competence by giving students a frame of reference with which to compare their own language
  • disciplines the mind and develops study skills, memorization skills and the ability to listen, concentrate, and think
  • develops rational, critical and analytic skills
  • develops creativity as students learn to express themselves in a new way

Language Study Contributes to Personal Growth

Studying another language ….

  • develops an awareness of the richness and interdependence of our large and varied world
  • expands our horizons as well as deepens the awareness of our own cultural heritage
  • develops an interest in and a respect for international events, politics and cross-cultural understanding
  • develops sensitivity to and appreciation of other peoples’ values and lifestyles
  • enlightens students to available career and educational opportunities

Language Study Promotes Global Understanding

Learning another language develops…

  • an awareness that our country must participate as an active and effective member of the global community
  • a realization of our technological, commercial and environmental interdependence

…and facilitates…

  • cross cultural communication

Language Study Enhance Career Opportunities

  • The multi-lingual professional will be able to gather data from non-English sources, thus enabling him and her to better assimilate information and to understand cultural situations.
  • An increasingly competitive international market has led to a need for more language-competent professionals.
  • Competence in a foreign language as an additional skill gives the job applicant a competitive edge and may result in a higher salary.

This material was adapted from material developed by Wood Co. WV World Language Teachers, Terri Marlow, Chair. 

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