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2020 Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to the 2020 Teacher of the Year

Bill Denham

WVFLTA Mini-Conference

We can’t wait to connect with you at WVFLTA 2020 next Saturday morning, October 17th at 8am!  Our mini conference is a chance to connect & share. We’ll meet on Zoom. We hope you can join us as we learn from La Maestra Loca, celebrate the 2020 Teacher of the Year, and converse together. 

To register go to tinyurl.com/WVFLTA20Reg 

Please email WVFLTA@gmail.com with any questions.

Thank you from your WVFLTA officers and executive committee! 


WVFLTA Supports the Statement from ACTFL

See below for more resources on Race, Diversity, and Social Justice in the Classroom

More resources on Race, Diversity, and Social Justice in the Classroom:


AATSP Poster Contest 2020

Winner of the AATSP National Poster Contest 2020

Hope Vernon, a student from Washington Irving Middle School, Clarksburg, WV has won the 6th-8th First Place in the AATSP Poster Contest! We are proud that a student of our state has achieved this amazing recognition. 

We would like to thank Hope’s Spanish teacher Diana Barbour for giving her students such a great opportunity. 

To see Hope’s poster click the following link: AATSP Poster Contest 2020 winners


Winners of the WV-AATSP Chapter Poster Contest 2020

WV-AATSP Poster Contest 2020 (1)

2020 Fall Conference Proposals

2020 Fall Conference Proposals

Dear Fellow Language Educators,

The call for proposals for the 2020 conference of the West Virginia Foreign Language Teachers’ Association (WVFLTA) is now open! You can access the proposal form here: https://forms.gle/Tzg4u37BDyecrcXq7.

The conference is a great opportunity for professional development, advocacy ideas, encouragement, and networking.


Dates: October 16-17, 2020

Theme: The Power of Languages: A 20/20 Vision

Location: Fairmont State University’s Charles Pointe Center in Bridgeport, WV

Keynote Speaker: Annabelle Allen a.k.a. LA MAESTRA LOCA

We are looking forward to your proposals and to seeing you at the conference in October. Proposals are due on June 14, 2020. If you have any questions, please contact WVFLTA Vice President Heiko ter Haseborg at heiko.terhaseborg@mail.wvu.edu.

Teacher of the Year (TOY) 2020



The West Virginia Foreign Language Teachers Association wishes to honor and acknowledge outstanding world language teachers who exemplify the standards of highly qualified, effective teaching practices.  The teacher chosen will be honored at the Fall Conference.

Nominees are being accepted in the category of Outstanding K12 Teacher and Outstanding Higher Education teacher and should meet the following criteria:

  1. Active member in WVFLTA including but not limited to:
  • attendance at  WVFLTA conference
  • dues paying member  for five consecutive years
  • presenting  at WVLFTA conferences
  1. Professional Involvement in Strengthening Teaching
  • Examples might include membership in AATSP, AATF, AATG, ACL, ACTFL, SCOLT, NECTFL or other national language advocacy organizations
  1. Excellence in Teaching
  • Embodies current effective practices for language teaching
  • provides opportunities for language learning outside of the classroom (field trips, festivals, poster competition, BOE visits, etc)
  • recommendations from a supervisor, colleague and community member, student or parent


A steering committee appointed by the president of the WVFLTA will evaluate nominees according to criteria on the attached rubric.

The attached nomination packet is comprised of the following components:

Please send your nominations for the WVFLTA Outstanding Teacher Award to  bskaggs@k12.wv.us by May 18, 2020.

Cemanahuac Scholarship 2020

Cemanahuac Scholarship opportunity has been postponed until 2021

News and Updates

WVFLTA Advocacy Members Participate in JNCL Language Advocacy Day 2020, Washington, DC

1   2

Advocacy team members Peggy Dolan, David Marlow, Terri Marlow, and Nancy Ryan meeting with staff at Senator Capito’s Office. Photos by David Marlow


WV World Language Advocacy Website

The WVFLTA Advocacy Team has created a great resource for Advocating for World Languages! Thank you Terri Marlow, David Marlow, Nancy Ryan, and Peggy Dolan!

Go to advocacy4languageswv.com for information on national Initiatives (bills before Congress, etc.) and how you can support them, and ideas on how YOU CAN ADVOCATE in your local community.

There is also an extensive Resources page with a list of great materials available.  The committee welcomes your participation. Please share with us (and other teachers) the activities you use to advocate for languages! Visit the site today!


WVFLTA Members Attend ACTFL 2019, Washington DC



ACTFL Delegate Day 2019


West Virginians Aracelia Nieves, Bill Denham (WVFLTA Past-President), and Leah Devine, (WVFLTA President), spoke with staff members in the offices of Senator Joe Manchin III, Senator Shelley Moore Capito, and Representative Alex Mooney, on ACTFL Delegate Day November 21st, 2019.

While on Capitol Hill, they encouraged WV representatives in Washington to:

  1. Co-Sponsor legislation – S. 342 (U.S. Senate) and H.R. 2562 (U.S. House of Representatives) – to reauthorize Title VI International Education Programs in the Higher Education Act
  2. Support House passed funding increases for Title VI and Fulbright Hays language instruction programs in the final FY2020 Labor, HHS and Education Appropriations bill.
  3. Join the America’s Languages Caucus, co-chaired by Representatives David Price of North Carolina and Don Young of Alaska.

Learn more: https://www.actfl.org/news/press-releases/hundreds-language-activists-go-capitol-hill-advocate-language-education

Action Alert: Contact your Representatives and Senators and encourage them to support these language initiatives.




Congratulations Lynn Knowles, WVFLTA 2019 Teacher of the Year   


“One of the most important things that I can do as a teacher in in West Virginia was teach kids not just about verbs and nouns, but communication and empathy; seeing a world outside themselves so they can come back and make West Virginia better.” – Lynn Knowles

Link to Lynn’s acceptance speech: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14Sz3ZmzD5zUuwHFjYkRIcf7FvyHrdUJX


Members of the WVFLTA 2019-2020 Executive Committee pictured with 2019 Key Note Speaker, Señor Wooly


L-R Beth Novaro (Member at Large – MAL), Ashley Stephens (MAL), Nancy Ryan (Advocacy Committee – AC), Señor Wooly (2019 Keynote), Terri Marlow (AC), Eric Bennet (MAL), David Marlow (AC),Rob Demarest (French Rep.), Debbie Nicholson (WV World Language Coordinator), Amelia Richter (Immediate Past President), Gaby Bush (Secretary), Leah Devine (President), Dr. Amy Thompson (Higher Ed. Faculty Rep.), Shirlene Groseclose (Treasurer), Dr. Heiko Haseborg (Vice President), Lola Contreras (AATSP Spanish Rep.), Blanca Skaggs (Teacher of the Year Committee), Cheryl Romine (Higher Ed. Student Rep.), Jenny Santilli (Volunteer), Meri Cummings (MAL)

 A Collection of Photos from WVFLTA 2019


WVFLTA Fall Conference 2019

WVFLTA Fall Conference 2019

Program 2019 WVFLTA Conference


Presenter Resources:

Jim Wooldridge/Señor Wooly- Click here for Presentation (Keynote & Workshop)

Ashley Stephens- Click here for Presentation (OMG I read a BOOK!)

Jessie Roberts- Click here for Presentation (FlipGrid)

Bill Denham- Click here for Presentation (Talk with Your Students)

Lynn Knowles & Alyssa Mick- Tinyurl.com/RJforWLT  (Power of Circles)




Congratulations Bill Denham on being selected as the “2019 Best of WV” with his presentation, TALK” with your students to provide Comprehensible Input. Learn Card, Picture and Art Talk.”

Bill teaches at Riverside High School in Kanawha County


To access Bill’s presentation, click the link above, or visit his website: https://www.profedenham.com/

We are thrilled to send Bill to SCOLT 2020 to present as “Best of WV”.   Learn more about SCOLT at https://www.scolt.org/   



Language Advocacy Day

image land adv day.jpg

L-R Peggy Dolan, Nancy Ryan, Senator Joe Manchin, Terri Marlow

Language Advocacy Day on February 14th and 15th, 2019

By Peggy Dolan

This was another outstanding experience for the WVFLTA Foreign Language Advocacy Team. In one office, we received an efficient reception, while in all the others, we were welcomed very warmly. The majority of aides with whom we met were enthusiastic about languages and the world’s need for them now, more than ever. We discussed the need to have our WV students trained so they can leave our schools on an equal footing as those in other states. We talked about commerce in our state, and how we need to be linguistically and culturally educated if we are going to attract and maintain international businesses. We talked about how critical the need is for our country’s defense that we have an “army” of global thinkers and language specialists. We talked about the importance of early language learning, as well as the commitment to study abroad options in higher education.

One staffer mentioned that she regrets not having continued her study, and we assured her that it is never too late. Another knew she missed the boat but said that she and her mother make it a point to travel for a few weeks at a time to be sure they get immersed in the cultures. Still, another was very aware that in parts of WV it is an uphill battle, since “English has always been enough for my family”.

It is so stimulating and uplifting.

We are not naive enough to think that our every wish is their command, but we do think our voices were heard. If nobody tells them, they may never know. They look to us as the experts, and they listen.

Cemanahuac Scholarship Recipient

We are excited to announce that Sarah Combs, a teacher from Parkersburg, W.V., has been selected as the 2019 WVFLTA recipient of the Cemanahuac Education Community school scholarship. Sarah has demonstrated a high level of interest and motivation for the course of study at Cemanahuac and will attend two weeks of language study there.


Congratulations Sarah! We look forward to hearing about your experience and its impact on your students at WVFLTA 2019 in Wheeling October 18th and 19th.